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How much will it cost to ship my order?

A. We offer FREE Economy shipping on orders over $19 with delivery in 1-9 days and Expedited shipping with delivery in 1-4 days in most cases, shipped anywhere in the United States and US territories!  *International shipments are shipped using USPS Global First Class or Priority mail.  To get your shipping rates you will need to add your items to the shopping cart and begin the checkout process.  After entering your shipping address you will be given your shipping costs and you will be able to decide if you want to proceed with your order.  Orders that are returned undeliverable will be refunded LESS the actual shipping costs. *International orders may also be subject to customs processing and additional charges.

How soon will my order be shipped?

A. 97% of all in stock orders will be shipped within 1 business day.  You will receive a shipment confirmation with tracking information when your order ships.

Do you offer discount pricing for high volume orders?

A. Yes!  Orders of 25 bags or more of our frag mounts may receive at least a 20% discount.  We also offer wholesale pricing to distributors, pet stores and reef clubs, contact us for details.

Are the disks, plugs, tiles and rocks precured?

A. Yes, the disks, plugs, tiles and rocks are fully cured in our continuous change fresh water tanks before shipping.  They are shipped wet which allows them to be used as soon as they are received!  Ceramic frag mounts do not require any curing, are shipped dry and come ready to use.

Are they reef safe?

A. The disks, plugs, tiles and rocks are completely reef safe.  They are made out of the same reef sand that is used in saltwater aquariums.  Also the curing process allows the disks, plugs, tiles and rocks to balance to the Ph of a saltwater tank.  WE WILL NOT SELL UNCURED PRODUCTS!  Ceramic frag mounts are fired in a high temperature kiln at nearly 2000 degrees and do not require any additional prepping before use.

How many can you add to a tank at once?

A. Even though they come to you fully cured ready to use it is never advisable to add large amounts of anything to an established tank. We recommend that no more than 1 frag mount per gallon per week be added to an established reef tank.

How will they look in my tank?

A. The disk, plugs, tiles and rocks will quickly become covered in purple and pink coralline algae, allowing them to blend in with the live rock.  They can also be placed in small cracks or crevices in live rock or the coral itself can be removed from them and mounted directly in your display aquarium.

What if my order arrived damaged?

A. Even though we make every attempt to make sure your order is packed with the up most care packages can get damaged or lost during transit.  If this happens we will replace it free of charge to you.

Don't see the answer to your question here?

Please use the Contact Us page with any other questions or comments and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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