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Product Reviews

I started using oceans wonders reef plugs just before starting our business and I have to say they are some of the best reef plugs I have ever used.  They are VERY uniform in size and they make our public coral frag tanks look very professional.  I highly recommend you use their plugs!

I am a very happy customer and will come back time and time again!

BST Aquatics LLC

Very nice plugs.  Great detailed instructions on bag.  Nice bonus.  THX


Nice reef plugs, great for fragging corals, fast delivery, good design!


Best tools around for croal propagation and the best price also!


I just purchased some of these Reef Rocks from Oceans Wonders. I must say I am super impressed with them!! While there has been frag disk on the market ever since I started this hobby, NONE compare to these. They are just like getting a perfect piece of base rock to mount a coral on every time!! The market has needed a product like this for some time! Top off great products with great service, which Oceans Wonders has as well, and you have a great company!! Keep up the good work, and I will be purchasing more soon!!

Tony Jones aka Paintbug

Best super glue I've used for frags, great value too.




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