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Our products are now being sold locally in your favorite stores, walk-in and online throughout the US and around the world.  If you carry our products and would like to be added to the list please let us know.


Blue Ribbon Koi & Marine  http://www.blueribbonkoi.com  Catharpin, VA

AQUATLANTIS Aquarios Personalizados  http://www.aquatlantis.com.br   Paraná,  BR

AcanLord  http://www.acanlord.com   Hudson, WI

AquaTailors Co. LTD  http://www.aquatailors.co.jp  Japan

Dr's Foster & Smith  http://www.drsfostersmith.com  Rhinelander, WI

EasternMarine Aquariums Ltd http://www.easternmarineaquariums.co.nz  Auckland, New Zealand 

Big Reef Depot  http://www.bigreefdepot.com  Toronto, Canada

J&L Aquatics  http://www.jlaquatics.com  Burnaby, BC, Canada

Bulk Reef Supply  http://www.bulkreefsupply.com  Golden Valley, MN

Dirk's  reefgrip@hotmail.com  Red Wing, MN

Aqua-Crylic  http://www.aquacrylic.com  Valley City, OH

Creative Aquariums of Tampa  http://www.creativeaquariumsoftampa.com  Tampa, FL

Zephyr Aquatics  http://www.com  San Antonio, TX    ccccccreativeaquariumsoftcreativeaquariumsoftampa.com      

AQ, Aquarium Solutions  http://www.aq-arium.com  Spain and Portugal

Marine Cost  http://www.marinecost.co.kr  Cheongju and Seoul  , Korea South

Matt's Coral Connection  http://www.mattscoralconnection.com  Fort Walton Beach, FL

Aquariums - Tropical Fish & Supply Inc.  http://www.okcfishlady.com/  Edmond, OK

Aquasonic PTY LTD  http://www.aquasonic.com.au  Wauchope NSW, Australia

ReefShop IL  http://www.reefshop.co.il Israel

Reef Exclusive  http://www.reefexclusive.com  Gerrardstown, WV

Underwater Outlet LLC  http://www.underwateroutlet.com  Purvis, MS

All-Reef  http://www.all-reef.com  Stillwater, MN

SoCal Tropical Fish  http://www.socaltropicalfish.com  Fullerton, CA

Aqua-World Pet Super Center  http://www.AquaWorldPSC.com  Pittsburgh, PA

Marine Reef  http://www.marine-reef.com  Great Bromley, United Kingdon

Coventry Aquatics  http://www.covaquatics.com  Coventry England, United Kingdom

TB Aquatics  http://www.tbaquatics.com  Flemington, NJ

LiveWire Aquatics  http://www.livewireaquatics.com  Middletown, MD 

CPR Aquatics LTD http://www.fragdoctor.co.uk  Hull,  United Kingdom

Great White Aquatics http://www.com  Fort Collins, CO

A World of Fish  http://www.worldoffish.com  Minneapolis, MN

OC Aquatic   http://www.ocaquatic.com   Huntington Beach, CA

Fantasy Coral & Reef Supply   http://www.fantasycoral.com   Whittier, CA

Saltwater Empire  http://www.swempire.com/  Bloomington (Twin Cities), MN

ZoaNuts  http://www.zoanuts.com  Oklahoma City, OK

BST Aquatics LLC  http://www.bstaquatics.com  Magna, UT

Wholesale Aquatic Supplies  http://www.wholesaleaquaticsupplies.com  Powder Springs, GA

Aquatic Dreamworld  http://www.aquaticdreamworld.com  Evansvill, IN

Aquatics World UK  http://www.aquaticsworlduk.com  Coventry England, United Kingdom

Something Fishy  http://www.com  New Abbot, United Kingdom

Creative Aquatics  http://www.socaltropical.com  Oceanside, CA

AquaCulture  http://www.aquaculturepets.com  Maud, TX

Olde Towne Pets  http://www.oldetownepets.com  La Crosse, WI

Sea Breeze Aquatics  http://www.seabreezeaquatics.com  Fort Wayne, IN

Tropical Fish & Seahorses LLC http://www.com  Houston, TX

Cherry Corals  http://www.cherrycorals.com  Livonia, MI

GC Tropical  http://www.gctropical.com  Beaumont, CA

Reef Life  http://www.reeflife.co.uk  Cornwall, United Kingdom



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